Designer, entrepreneur, maker; Andrea’s designs are the result of constant research and exploration in materials and techniques. His passion and curiosity allowed him to develop a vast skill set and broad knowledge about manufacturing and technologies.

For the last 30 years, Andrea has honed his hand skills, proving his ability to work with virtually any media. He grew up building flying model planes and sewing kites, assembling and modifying his bikes and skis, and ended up in high school spending more time in his workshop than on books… 


While studying chemistry he became more and more intimate and knowledgeable about the materials and elements the products are made of.

He came across the IUAV Faculty of  Industrial Design through some artist friends and figured out that was the closest thing to becoming an “inventor” as he dreamed growing up. IUAV provided a great balance between technology and arts, at this point Andrea creativity simply did flourish taking his skills to the next level. 


Currently Andrea is collaborating with multiple companies, developing innovative products with his own methodology, resulting from a multitude of professional and personal experiences. To collaborate on the creation of a new product, consulting projects, workshops, speaking and coaching requests the best way is to get in touch directly with his studio. Email ME



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 2021 Atlanta Design Museum - Bike to the future

2018 Shanghai Design Week

2018 Eurobike - SENTIER

2018 ADI Fuori Salone - Argenteria D'abbene - Milan

2017 Cube Design Museum - Kerkrade (NL) Bike exhibition

2017 Compasso D’oro International - Sport and Innovation

2017 ISPO brandnew 2017 - SENTIER

2014 Maker Faire ROME 2014 - DIY Film Dryer 

2013 Ceramic Futures - Milano 

Workshop - Coaching:

2021 Industrio HAC: Polo Tecnologico Reggio Emilia

2021 Industrio Hardware Academy: Polo Tecnologico Reggio Emilia

2021 Industrio HAC: Tripoli Business University 

2020 Industrio HAC: NOI tech park Bolzano 

2012 “Cuti lisci” - Francisco Gomez Paz - Abadir Catania

2013 Le forme dell’acqua - Vittorio Venezia - Abadir Catania 


Events as Speaker:

2019 Coca Cola World: Talk about creativity-driven innovation 

2019 NOI Tech Park Bolzano: Lean product development for startups

2018 Università Enzo Ferrari Modena: From concept to product

2018 John Cabot University Roma: Lean product development 

2018 Shanghai University: Shanghai & Milan Youth Culture Creative 

2018 HITACHI-Ansaldo Talents TST Genova: Innovation, DIY, try and error

2017 Lead Acceleration Berlin  - SENTIER

2017 Compasso D'oro Hangzhou Design Village: Design inspiration from the Chinese craft tradition.

2017 Tedx Trento: YouTube

2017 InnovAmore Rovereto: Quando di passione si fà Innovazione

2015 Creativity Day Rovereto: Stampa 3D e Innovazione




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