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Idea Crafting 101


Idea Crafting 101

Svolta bag is the first bike handlebar bag that can transform into a full-size padded backpack. The whole development and prototyping were handled by us. Svolta Bag was first presented on a Kickstarter campaign and collected over 15K€ in less than 30 days. The funding campaign, unfortunately, had to be canceled due to some import and administrative issues with the manufacturer. The response from testers and dedicated media has been very positive and we are working to bring the project back to life soon.

YEAR: 2018

MATERIALS: Cordura, EVA, PU coated fabric, POM.

BRAND: Sentier S.r.l 



The process

The brief:

The Svolta concept started almost as a coral effort, we listened to the customers, run surveys and customer interviews to design an innovative product with the support of the customers.

The development:

We started to present our design to some selected manufacturers and figured out that our design was so innovative that they needed us to take the design to a higher development stage and not just a model.

The prototyping:

Researching for the best materials and components has been the first step, we then crafted and tested each prototype. We achieved a great level of innovation following our approach. 

The results:

The final pre-production prototype was launched to be crowdfunded on the Kickstarter campaign. Reached over 15K€ funds in less than 30 days and got positive media coverage from dedicated platforms.


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