Bike Trolley

Idea Crafting 101


Idea Crafting 101

The Bike Trolley is the bike trailer that enhances the moving & traveling experience for active people and outdoor enthusiasts, leading to a new dimension of bike adventure. Now it’s possible turning a common trolley into a high-performance bike trailer in 30 seconds without using any tool. The complex bag design was developed with the Fashion Designer Lucia De Monte.

YEAR: 2017

MATERIALS: Aluminum, steel, Nylon.

BRAND: Sentier S.r.l 


Compasso D'oro International 2017

ISPO Brandnew Finalist 2017

German Design Award Finalist 2017


The process

The brief:

The original idea is dating back to the summer of 2015. When three friends rode 1500Km of the Swedish wilderness with the very first "prototype" of a bike trailer that could be transformed into checked luggage.

The technology:

The whole trailer is designed to be manufactured with low investment technologies, laser cutting, and sheet metal bending. The sourcing for the manufacturing has been done globally but ended up being produced in north Italy.

The results:

The bike trolley represented the first product for Sentier, with the intent to disrupt the bike traveling experience. The project was definitely ambitious, but brought plenty of results, both in form of customers satisfaction and Design Awards.

The learnings:

This project has been a huge opportunity to constantly evolve the design thanks to the feedback of customers and testers. Thanks to the skilled and agile Sentier team, the development and media coverage have been incredibly fast.


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