Idea Crafting 101


Idea Crafting 101

The system is mounted on wheels to be easily deployed and carried around in multiple situations. The height of the table can be adjusted and the monitor is mounted on a swinging arm for best ergonomics when the device is in use. The main component ( represented by a squared box) can be adjusted in height with no effort. This project was done with the partner Industrio for one of their clients that can't be disclosed at the moment, starting from their POC (Proof of concept). 

YEAR: 2020

MATERIALS: Aluminum alloy, steel, technopolymers.

BRAND: Industrio


The process

The brief:

The whole project started around a handheld device, in the first instance, we worked together with the customer mostly on the ergonomics and UX for the final user. We made multiple sketches and mockups for UX testing.

The technology:

We begin extensively working on CAD with the existing electronics, but some components were outdated so we used that opportunity to offer some formal and dimensional constraints to the PCB engineers to achieve a better form factor in the final product. 

The evolution:

The UX improve, became the driver to develop the whole Analysis Workstation. Composed of one large sealed component of over 10Kg that needed to move in height during the operations, a large display, and a desk for a laptop.

The results:

The resulting workstation was a success, working with low volumes and advanced components, we selected low investment technologies for the production, and we were able to assembly and deliver three fully functional systems in a matter of months. 


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